Fine Arts And Artifacts

Artifacts are precious carrying the rich heritage of our ancestors….

Safe hands are what it demands !!!


TEAM is your full service partner in handling the movement of fine art and irreplaceable items of any size. We are Oman’s leading Fine Art logistics company. Transporting works of art is a challenging activity. Most journeys represent specific and even very new situations in terms of handling the irreplaceable works of art, the volume carried, the formalities to be completed, security, costs, and deadlines. As a carrier, packer, customs broker, and air freight agent. we offer the best guarantee of discretion, security, and efficiency for any transport or installation request from a museum, gallery, or private owner.

Customized Packing

While shipping your fine arts and artifacts, you never have to worry about packing. We go the extra mile to ensure that all of your valued objects are protected. Our dedicated and skilled packers will carefully and safely pack your valued objects. We use the highest-quality protective materials to shield your delicate artifacts from damage and harsh elements.

Custom Crating

Depending on the size of artifacts, TEAM provides customized crates according to the size of objects. Based on the volume of obejcts, our experts will guide and plan according to the types of wooden crates and their dimensions. We have specialized dedicated crates for your unique shipping needs.

Overseas Shipping

Once your antiques, paintings, and sculptures are carefully packed, crated, and ready for transport, we will handle the extensive overseas shipping process for you. Safe overseas movement of artifacts are carefully monitored in addition to documentation assistance and customs approval process.

Keeping in View our Proffesional Services

TEAM is internationally connected & locally recognized Fine Art company, experienced with airport handling, access to all airline services & overseas counterparts. TEAM aims to have the flexibility to tailor our services to our clientele’s specific requirements.

We provide following:

  • Specialized Packing & Case
  • Fine Art Trucks
  • Warehousing
  • Installation & De Installation
  • International Freight
  • Temp Import permission

Our Specialized Trucks

TEAM have further developed Fine Art services by having 2 state of the art Fine Art trucks. TEAM can fulfil all Museums technical requirements listed in tenders and can satisfy the loan agreements of international lenders, government indemnities and all Fine Art insurance policies.

Air Ride Suspension

Climate Control

Tail Lift

TEAM Logistics & Moving Track Record

Oman Across Ages Museum - Installation the 3 x Royal vehicles of the display within Renaissance gallery of OAAM

NATIONAL MUSEUM TO MINSK, BELARUS - NM, Oman objects to Minsk, Belarus including dispersal services after 06 months

CA OPERA TOURING EXHIBITION, MUSCAT – Return Shipment of V&A objects from Muscat To Milan, Italy.

HERMITAGE DAY AT NATIONAL MUSEUM – Hermitage objects from Russia to NM, Oman including dispersal services after 03 months 

OAAM, MUSEUM: Collection of Historical Zanjbari Doors from Private collector to OAAM Warehouse.

KAM WORLD on the Horizon Exhibition : Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean exhibition travelled to from Muscat to ORD.

COBRA MUSEUM, NETHERLANDS: Exhibition held at BAZ hosted by Embassy of Netherlands & Cobra Museum.

QATAR MUSEUM, QATAR: Objects travelled to Doha and return from exhibition.

ATHR GALLERY - BRITISH COUNCIL, JEDDAH: Exhibition Project with Inbound/Outbound as agent work partnering with ARTIM member.